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El Kashaf is a search engine created specifically to make searching and viewing a book in a library, a task as easy as ever.

El Kashaf, is for everyone who want and need to search for a book, image or a person within an institution's community (like universities). you don't need to have an account to make searches, it's free and open to everyone!

Just enter your query in the search zone, and let El Kashaf do the job for you!

El Kashaf services for now are :
1- the search for books by (title, subtitle, author) and show results by books and images.:br> 2- the search for persons
3- getting books' availability in real time !
4- doing loan tasks, and getting loan notifications in real time !
5- getting students' notes, and send review requests in real time !
6- answering books loan requests in real time ! (for librarians)
7- getting and answering reviews requests in real time! (for teachers)
8- getting books notifications for a loan requests in real time! (for students)
9- getting targeted news (like university, faculty, department, group or user scoop) in real time!

You can have an El Kashaf account only if your institution (university) is subscribed in el Kashaf Community

Any librarian can get and in real time, requests sent to his library, and answer them.

Any teacher can get and in real time, requests sent to his account by students, and answer them.

Any student can view news, view notes, library notifications.

El kashaf, can enhance university ranking greatly, by indexing its website, and allow students to interact with the university via El Kashaf services.

Google is a general purpose search engine,
El Kashaf, is a search engine, specifically created for universities.

type your query in the search zone, and click submit. that's all you need to search a book

type your query in the search zone, click images and click submit. that's all you need to search an image.

1- click on apps button,
2- click find an app,
3- enter the name of the person you want to find,
4- click enter
and the person you search for, popup on the page

All the information is provided by ANRSOFT BOOKS Suite Applications (used by tens of libraries within universities in Algeria)

Click Contact at the bottom of the page, fill the form, and click send.